Monthly Curriculum (sample)



Themes: God's creatures, Spring, Growing

Social / Emotional domain: Community, social understanding, social communication, attention span

Math Domain: number symbols, classification-sorting, estimation, order-size, part/whole

Language / Literacy Domain: following directions, listening, vocabulary, dictation, opposites, sight words

Fine Motor Domain: beads on pipe cleaners, empty spray bottles and feathers, eye droppers

Gross Motor Domain: jump over pole on ground, jump two feet together, midline crossover

Science Domain: life cycles, bug walk, spiders and webs, earthworms and dirt, plant seeds, ladybugs, smell flowers

Creative Arts Domain: art characteristics, music appreciation, musical interpretation

Health Domain: healthy behavior, nutrition matters, nutritional food participation

Spiritual Domain: having a patient, happy heart

Character Trait / Fruit of the Spirit: Patience

Bible stories: Jesus is risen, Jesus returns, a net full of fish

Bible verse: Let every creature praise His holy name. Psalm 145:21

Special Events: Easter

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