Monthly Curriculum (sample)



Themes: Jesus is born, Christmas


Fruit of the Spirit: JOY Have JOY and show JOY because of Jesus!! Share in the JOY of Jesus’ birth

Bible stories: The Angel visits Mary, Baby Jesus is Born, Shepherds visit

Bible verse: A Savior is born; He is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:11

Social / Emotional domain: Consequences, responsibility, -property, stages of play-cooperative, impulse control, group participation

Math Domain: order/ numerically, number quantity, shapes

Language / literacy: expression, comprehension- 15 words, follow two step instructions, write stories, name syllables, Christmas words

Physical domain-fine motor: drop pom poms in plastic bottles, scooping with spoon, drawing vertical lines, drawing horizontal lines

Physical domain-gross motor: frog jump/ crawl/squat/gorilla walk/rabbit hop/ bean bag toss

Science domain: pine needles, pine cones, color mixing

Creative arts domain: visual memory, drama role playing, dance movements, Christmas songs

Health Domain: nutritional self-help, more control of using a spoon

Special Events: Christmas


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