Are you interested in enrolling or learning more about Coastal Christian Preschool?

Step 1
Call our school office to schedule a preschool tour - you will meet our office staff, visit the preschool classrooms and playground, and receive an Enrollment Packet

Or contact our Preschool Director, Mrs. Karen Campbell at karen@coastalsd.org

Step 2
Your Enrollment Packet will include:  Application for Enrollment, Admission Agreement, Program Selection Form, Media Release Form, Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment, Identification & Emergency Information Form, Health History Parent’s Report, Physician’s Report (to be completed by your child's doctor), Blood Lead Test Form (to be completed by your child's doctor), Notice of Parents’ Rights, Notice of Personal Rights 

Step 3
When returning your Enrollment Packet, please bring all completed forms along with $175 Enrollment Fee (made payable to Coastal Christian Academy), and your child's complete immunization records.

Step 4
Once the school office receives all Enrollment forms, we will verify that we have room for your child on the selected days and contact you about a start date.





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