Monthly Curriculum (Sample)

CCA Preschool is excited to partner with ABCJesuslovesme (Welcome | ABCJesusLovesMe) for our curriculum.  This curriculum is designed for children to learn about the Bible through play, activities, and discovery.  Your child will learn about God’s amazing love for them while working on those developmental goals and preparing for Kindergarten.  Please click on the sample curriculum links below to find out more about the curriculum program.


2_Year_Sample.pdf (


3_Year_Sample.pdf (


4_Year_Sample.pdf (


5LP_Examples.pdf (

Enrichment Programs:



We are excited to have Cocomotion Dance Company as part of our enrichment program.


Cocomotion Dance Class

The students learn both beginning and advanced concepts of traditional dance and ballet  such as the five basic foot positions, and will learn the correct french terminology for common dance steps like Demi Plie', Tendu, Chasse and more. In addition, they will also learn music terminology while having fun with real instruments.


Coco Motion Dance - Mobile Dance Classes, Pre-K, T-K Dance Lessons   











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