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Mission Statement

Coastal Christian Academy exists to help prepare children to be disciples of Jesus Christ. CCA will share the love and truth of Christ, honor God, and encourage students to glorify Him in all areas of life. CCA believes the Bible clearly teaches that parents are primarily responsible for their child’s education, upbringing and discipline. To this end, it is CCA’s desire to be a support for the parents in their endeavor. Our desire is to be an extension of the Christian home, to reinforce principles of right and wrong, and to teach and apply Biblical truth.


CCA serves the community in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ by providing loving Christian care and high-quality Christian education for children of parents that desire a Christ‐centered education.  

Servant leadership is exemplified by the staff and practiced by the students at CCA. Staff members serve the student body as stewards of Christ in many areas. CCA students are given the opportunity to serve each other, the staff, and are encouraged to reach out and serve the community at large. As a school, CCA encourages its students and staff to serve others through various service projects and outreaches. 


CCA has biblically based expectations as a firm foundation to be backed by consistent encouragement and consequences.


CCA’s primary objectives are to: 

     •disciple students in developing Christ-like character

     •educate students with a biblical worldview, and 

     •prepare students for their future with skills in communication, critical thinking, and problem solving.


As a staff, CCA strives to achieve these objectives by:

     •Serving—Looking to Christ as our example, we serve the children and parents of Coastal Christian Academy, while modeling a life of servanthood to our students. 

     •Guiding—Our purpose is to guide our students to a loving relationship with our Savior, and to assist them in achieving their best in school. 

     •Building—Our vision is to help build students who not only love the Lord, but who also excel academically.  


The Christian school serves as an extension, existing to support parents in their responsibility before God to enable each child to develop his or her academic potential. It functions as an aid with the two-fold purpose of equipping parents in their task of educating their children, and reinforcing Christian principles in the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, and social realms of the child.


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